Temporary Protective Orders Overview

Temporary Protective Orders

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What is a Temporary Protective Order?

This is an order from the court that makes it a crime to violate the order and contact the applicant. In Clark County there are basically two types: 1) A TPO for domestic violence which can be applied for at the Family Court. 2) A Protective Order Against Stalking and Harassment which may be applied for at the Regional Justice Center. There are rules for which one may be ordered. We can not only tell clients which one may be useful, but we can help you structure your thoughts and choose your language to tell your situation so that the judge will know the truth about your situation.

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What Does Nevada Law Say About Temporary Protective Orders?

Orders for Protection Against Domestic Violence are covered under the Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 33.

Protective orders can be issued if you are the victim of battery, assault, stalking, trespassing, and other similar violence or harassment. Protective orders can be issued against any party

How do I get a FREE Consultation About Temporary Protective Orders?

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