Mediation Overview

We Use Our Skills to Persuade in Mediation

Divorce can be costly and time-consuming as well as an emotionally draining process. We consider it very important to work quickly and with a problem-solving attitude in order to get you through the procedure in a timely and cost-effective way. Mediation is an extremely effective tool that Nevada divorce lawyers can use to help resolve all types of issues that might arise during the course of a divorce. It involves the use of a neutral, independent mediator who is very familiar with divorce law (generally this person is a family law attorney or retired judge) to help negotiate a settlement between the two parties who are looking to obtain a divorce.

Child custody and child support

What is mediation like?

We use our years of arguing experience to persuade and negotiate. The entire process is geared to be informal and amicable and it is entirely confidential. The purpose is for both sides to reach an agreement that they can be happy with. Offers and counteroffers will be made between both sides until an accord on the divorce settlement can be reached. Of course, either side could at any point decide that they want to take the process to court; however, mediation is a quicker and more economical choice if you are going through a divorce. Most people do not want to bear the costs of litigation, and mediation is the logical choice for individuals who are looking to settle at least a percentage of their issues out of court.

Even if you and your spouse choose to go to trial after working out some of the disagreements in mediation, you still have the added benefit of having come to a solution to some of the contentious issues. Obviously, our goal is to work with you and the other side to get a settlement quickly that everybody can be happy with.

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