Legal Separation Overview

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Your Option to Divorce

In a Legal Separation the parties divide property and debt but technically remain married. Couples in Nevada must file paperwork to be legally separated, and in that paperwork they usually include agreements about things like child support and alimony. Legally separated spouses cannot remarry others, however, their property rights change as if they are divorced; property accrued after the legal separation is considered separate property.

Why Would a Couple Want a Legal Separation?

One reason couples may opt for a legal separation instead of a divorce because of religious reasons. Another reason is to retain a spouse’s health insurance.

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What is the Law?

The Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 153.080 states that a husband and wife can make contracts with each other. It says that though they cannot alter their “legal relations” except as to property (making a legal separation different than a divorce), a husband and wife can make contracts regarding the support of children or the other spouse.

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