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You Love Your Grandchildren – Fight for Them

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Grandparent’s face many difficulties in Nevada in gaining custody/visitation with their grandchildren. There is not a statute stating “grandparent’s rights.” However, NRS 125.480(3)(c) allows the court to award custody of a minor child to “any person related” even if the relative does not live in Nevada and this is often a grandparent.

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Can the Court Make a Grandparent’s Rights Order Temporarily?

Yes. NRS 125.480()3)(c) allows the court to award custody of a minor child, even in an action of divorce in which they are not the actual parties, to “any person related within the third degree of consanguinity”

What are Some Realistic Factors in Obtaining Grandparent’s Rights?

Most cases where grandparents end up with custody are where the biological parents have some challenges and cannot provide food. shelter, or clothing. Sometimes the parents will consent – sometimes we have to litigate. In any case, we take many different paths to the same objective – you keeping the children safe and/or visiting. These cases do present a special challenge because we try to gain custody or visitation without destroying your relationship with your child (the parent).

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