Fees & Financing

Make no mistake – when another person is trying to take your freedom, your child, your business, or your money – you want an experienced, aggressive attorney who has won thousands of times. The simple truth is that this level of skill and experience costs money. It costs money because as an attorney wins more and more – they get more and more return clients and referrals. As the lawyer only has so many hours in a day their hourly rate naturally increases along with the support staff they need to provide proactive, detailed attention to every nuance of your case. No where is the rule “You get what you pay for” more true than in the area of law. Even though our fees are commensurate with our experience, we do provide a range of affordable options. We even were recognized with a Ask-A-Lawyer Community Commitment Award for Pro Bono Service in 2009. So we do take Pro Bono clients and deeply discounted fee arrangements.


We provide several flexible financial arrangements including:

1) Low down payments and monthly payments;

2) Cash discounts for fees paid in full up front; and

3) Discounted fees for those suffering from financial challenges.

4) We provide “unbundled” services and flat fees.


1) We provide an affordable retainer and hourly rates.

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