Defending a Lawsuit Overview

Defending a lawsuit

What to do if you have been served

If you have been served, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. There are deadlines that must be met in order to successfully defend yourself. Nevada Litigation Group will aggressively defend you and your business in civil litigation. We will make sure that every aspect of the law is utilized in your defense.

General Steps

Lawsuits range in complexity from a simple three-step process (filing of complaint and answer followed by settlement) to complex litigation with up to 161 steps (all tracked in our proprietary software with a weekly client update).

Generally, a lawsuit begins when the plaintiff files a complaint against a defendant. The defendant has a limited number of days to file an answer. In the answer, the defendant sets out any defenses against the plaintiff’s claim. Usually, the court will give the plaintiff a default judgment if the defendant doesn’t file an answer. Sometimes, the defendant has a claim against the plaintiff, in which case the defendant would file a counterclaim. After a lawsuit is filed, both parties can use discovery to gather information. Both sides have the right to a jury trial in many types of civil actions. When a jury trial isn’t requested, the trial is held before a judge. Evidence is heard and a decision made. Both parties have a right to appeal to a higher court.

If you have been sued, you need an experienced law firm to protect your rights

Lawsuits need to be vigorously defended. Nevada Litigation Group will tirelessly defend you during civil litigation. We know the ins and outs of the legal system and will fight for you.

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