Child Support Overview

Child Support Problems?

Do you need child support? Are you being charged to much child support? Whenever the Court awards custody child support is sure to be an issue because the law requires one or both parents to pay for the support of a child.

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How is Child Support Calculated?

First, custody must be determined. If one party is awarded primary physical custody then a table of child support is used and calculations can be made based on the payor’s income. If joint physical custody is awarded then the “Wright” case applies and an offsetting formula is used to determine child support. In addition, there may be deviations to the child support amount. There are some cases where child support is unnecessary. For example, if parents share alternating custody, then there may be no need for one parent to pay child support to the other depending upon the comparative incomes of the parties.

When is Child Support Ordered?

Usually child support is ordered at the first hearing for a Motion For Temporary Orders.

Child custody overview

Can Child Support Ever be Settled or does the Judge Always Decide?

Every situation and family is unique and has differing circumstances. We advise both custodial and non-custodial parents on issues involving child support, and we can help you to reach an amicable settlement with the other parent of your child. Obviously our main goal is stability and constancy in your child’s life. We want to help you navigate smoothly through this transitional period and maintain as much affinity between both parties as possible.

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