Support Arrears Overview

Do You Have an Arrears Problem?

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Child Support Arrearages refer to the accumulated unpaid court ordered child support payments.

If You Are Owed Arrears

We can aggressively assist you in locating the offender, obtaining a Court order, and collecting your arrears.

If You Have Been Overcharged or Cannot Pay Your Arrears

We can often get your arrears recalculated, get a new order and provide you some relief from the incessant collection efforts of others. If you feel you cannot make your current child support payments in order to avoid getting a warrant for arrest or a suspended license you may request a modification. This can only be changed by the judge or if there is an open child support case with the District Attorney’s office. In most cases your order will not be up for review or modification until the order is three years old. There are very specific requirements that must be met before you will be considered for a child support modification before that three year mark.

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So Your Firm Does Both Collections and Stoppages?

Yes – it’s a great benefit to our clients that we understand the process from both perspectives. We know how to collect which shows us how to stop collections which shows us how to avoid being stopped, etc. etc.

How Do I Get a Free Child Support Arrears Consultation?

Call our office at 702-476-9629 to set up your free consultation.

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