Appeals Overview

Were You Wronged at the Trial Court?

We can help. Appeals are very complex matters, involving detailed technical procedures and an understanding of the law, litigation, procedure, and Constitutional issues. The following is a brief overview of the major elements of an appeal.

Deciding Whether to Appeal

Most appeals fail. It is therefore very important that counsel assist the potential appellant to determine the merits of an appeal. We are able to provide an objective assessments of lower court decisions to assist in the difficult decision of whether to appeal.


A law office must be very organized to make an appeal. There are strict deadlines that must be followed and materials must be well organized. The time for oral argument is often short, and valuable time may be lost if there is not good organization. In addition, the judges hearing an appeal may become frustrated and distracted from the merits of an argument if there is disorganization in the appeal.

Our appeals are well-organized and you are kept up to date on every step.

Written Advocacy

Written advocacy is key in an appeal. Appellate counsel will submit the relevant facts, law and argument. Quite often, the justices will decide purely on the pleadings alone with no oral argument. In short, appeals can be won or lost based solely on counsel’s written argument.

Nevada Litigation Group will conduct a thorough review of the facts, undertake comprehensive legal research, and take the time to write the most compelling pleadings possible.

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Oral Advocacy

Oral advocacy on appeals is a unique art and differs greatly from trial advocacy. In most appeals, there is little dispute about facts. However, extensive preparation for the appeal hearing is required to make sure counsel has command of the facts and law, and are prepared for difficult questions from the justices. Most appellate justices are experienced and have a wide knowledge of the law. Advance preparation and knowledgeable, respectful, persuasive oral advocacy is essential to maximize the chances for success of an appeal.

Timing is important

Appeals have strict time limits and it is important that you consider the merits of appealing, and make a decision as soon as possible following the decision in question.

Costs and fees

We offer appeals on a flat-fee basis meaning we quote you an amount and complete the entire appeal for that fee.

Every appeal is different, and the cost for appeals will depend upon the issues involved, their complexity, the amount of evidence at the original hearing, etc.. The nature of an appeal is such that a great amount of the work has to be performed within a relatively short period of time (i.e. a few months) from the decision from which an appeal is sought.

Appeals are expensive and must be taken seriously.

If you are unhappy with a lower court’s decision and wish to discuss a possible appeal, please contact us.

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I had a complicated case. I started off with not having my youngest son with me. His father had kept him in Arizona and I had to relocate to Nevada.I looked all over online for a lawyer and I called the Nevada Litigation Group and spoke with a gentleman who was very courteous and respectful. I had explained the whole situation to him and he advised me to come in for a free consultation. I had hired Nevada Litigation Group to handle my case. They were wonderful and understanding when it came to my case. They work with me when it comes to my payments, and they keep me updated on my case. A little while after I hired them they informed me that I had a pre-hearing. They had fought for me and my case and he completely understood everything that was going on. Because of my case being filed in Nevada and my son was in Arizona they had to fight for the Emergency jurisdiction for Nevada. We were awarded the Emergency Jurisdiction and no I get to see my son again after 4 months. I am so thankful for this Group that I do not know what I would have done if I did not contact them. T W.

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