Alimony Modification Overview

Change Your Alimony

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Alimony is a very important part of a divorce in which one of the partners will still require financial support to continue living at the level that he or she has become accustomed to during the marriage. The monetary support that one spouse gives to the other is generally determined based on the financial situation of both spouses before and during the marriage. Several factors are taken into account when judging the appropriate type of alimony as well as the amount. The different types of spousal support that you can expect to see in a Nevada divorce are permanent alimony, rehabilitative alimony, transitional alimony, temporary alimony and lump sum alimony.

When can you modify alimony?

Sometimes as circumstances for both parties change, the amount or type of alimony must also be changed. A Nevada modification of alimony attorney at our law offices can meet with you and discuss your circumstances as well as your ex-spouse’s situation to determine whether a modification of alimony is possible.

Certain circumstances will definitely merit a review of the alimony agreement. For example, if one spouse loses his or her job or receives a sizable increase or decrease in income or income needs, these are all good reasons to speak with a Nevada modification of alimony attorney. We have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of individuals who have all types of alimony issues. We have the experience and practical knowledge of alimony and alimony modification that you can trust.

How do I get a Free Consultation About Modifying Alimony?

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