Abuse Defense Overview

Did CPS Take Your Child? Are You Charged with Abuse / Neglect?

Most people find that Working with CPS involves unfamiliar processes, language, and risk. After all, it is not something one usually experiences. And it is during this time of stress that you must make important decisions that can affect whether you are reunited with your child.

Usually, a case first begins because someone has reported suspicious activity to the police who then call CPS.

The police will then use NRS 432B as a guideline about whether to call CPS

The Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 432B defines the abuse of a child as:

  • Physical or mental harm that is not an accident
  • Sexual maltreatment or exploitation
  • Negligent treatment that results in harm to a child’s health or welfare
  • Excessive corporal punishment
  • If a newborn has been affected by illegal substance use or has withdrawal symptoms of illegal substance use

Circumstances that are defined as neglect:

  • If the child was abandoned
  • If the child was without proper supervision
  • If the child does not have food, shelter, medical care, or education

Though neglect may not seem as serious as abuse, there are significant ramifications for neglect charges as well.

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Any finding relating to abuse or neglect can have serious consequences.

Nevada Litigation Group offers legal defense for those charged with child abuse or neglect. Your rights need to be protected by an aggressive law firm who will put you first. Conviction for child abuse or neglect can have serious and life-changing consequences – you need a law firm that will protect your rights.

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