What Not to do in Divorce

We understand the emotional trauma that divorce and custody can bring to you, your children and extended family and friends. Our priority as attorneys is to protect you from doing anything to harm your case during the term of the divorce process. We have listed a few general guidelines of What Not To Do:

1. Losing control of yourself, your temper, and your legal bill.

Although our attorneys are compassionate about your case, we suggest finding a counselor, support group or religious organization that specializes in divorce and custody issues. There are free or low-cost services available throughout Clark County. If your case is “bundled”, you are being billed for every communication, even with a paralegal. This can cause you to pay for more than you expected and waste your retainer when you need it most.

2. Hindering your case.

Help your cause rather than hinder your divorce lawyer. Making numerous phone calls each day with questions may distract the one person who is trying to help you. Ask your attorney from the beginning what you can do to help and how you will proceed with communicating about your case. Our attorneys do give you their direct cell phone number to call with concerns or emergencies. However, we also suggest that during the day, keep a notepad or journal and save up several questions or items for discussion before calling or e-mailing your attorney or paralegal.

3. Making appearances at your divorce attorney’s office without an appointment.

4. Expecting or demanding unrealistic things from the divorce and custody.

You will not get everything you want just like in the marriage. It is best to make your demands reasonable. There are no winners in a divorce. The best you should expect is to be treated fairly but that may happen only if you insist on it with the help of your divorce lawyer.

5. Letting divorce lawyers or their paralegals gather and organize your paper work when you should be doing it.

6. Giving up control of the divorce to your divorce lawyer, friends or relatives.

It’s your divorce and your lawyer takes direction from you. Your attorney will guide you legally on the likelihood of your demands being honored in court. Don’t let friends and relatives steer you too much. However, confiding in and getting moral support from close friends who have been through a similar experience is helpful.

7. Not listening and following your divorce attorney’s advice about your interaction with opposing party.

8. Staying with a divorce attorney that makes you unhappy.

9. Dividing up property without a thorough inventory and accurate valuations.

Make an inventory list of marital assets including description, year purchased, purchase amount and present value. Also make a list of marital debts including description, year acquired, interest rate and present amount owed as of a certain date: mortgages and liens on real and personal property, credit cards, loans including student and personal ones.

10. Failing to be precise when negotiating child custody and visitation.

Get specifics on the court record to insure which parent gets to do what and when and which parent is responsible for certain financial care obligations.

If you have any questions about divorce or custody for our attorneys we are always available.