NV Grandparents Rights

Custodial rights are generally between two parents, and the extended family, including grandparents are often left out of the equation. This can be especially painful to both the children and the grandparents relationship when the extended family members have been involved in the upbringing of the children. Nevada’s laws are not specific to grandparents, but does extend to any third-party with an interest in visiting a child. Other sections apply to any person with whom the child has resided and who has had a meaningful relationship with the child.

Nevada Revised Statutes set out guidelines for determining the grandparents visitation with a child, these include:

• Emotional ties existing between the grandparent and grandchild.

• The grandparent’s ability to provide care and guidance and serve as a positive influence to the child.

• The grandparent’s willingness to supply material needs during visitation.

• The grandparent’s ability to provide the child with health care.

• The prior relationship between the two, including such factors as whether the grandchild resided with the grandparent and whether the child was present at holidays and family gatherings.

• The grandparent’s mental and physical health.

• The preference of the child, if applicable

• The willingness of the grandparent to facilitate and encourage the child-parent relationship.

• The grandparent has the ability to facilitate the medical needs of the child.

• Any financial or other support provided by the grandparent

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